Hammering the Dems During Mid-Terms

Bill Maher did a take on Obama accomplishments or what some or many might say only occurred because he was in office.

– 63 straight months of economic expansion.

– A Depression averted (even with budget cuts).

– A Deficit reduced by 2/3rds.

– A Healthcare Law that is working and reducing costs.

– Two Women on the Supreme Court.

– Bin Laden dead.

– Stock Market at bobbing around at record heights.

– Gas prices are down.

– Unemployment going from 10.2% to 5.9% (in spite of austerity). “If you are a Fox News viewer trying to do the math, this is less.”

Granted, President Obama could have done more with Wall Street, TBTF, job creation, austerity, food stamps, unemployment benefits, breaking the back of the Republican party after his second election; but, just being around for these accomplishments begs for some type of recognition by Dems running for office. They should be talking up these accomplishments and not letting Repubs control the message to the constituents. As Maher said, It isn’t exactly like Obama gave us herpes; instead, he gave the nation healthcare through Congress.

It will be interesting to see if Obama caves if the Repubs take control of the Senate, which is still up in the air according to Sam Wang at Princeton Consortium.

invisible handSnapshot probability distribution of all possible outcomes calculated from current state polls. The blue bars represent combinations of outcomes leading to Democratic control. The red bars represent Republican control. The green bar indicates outcomes in which Democrats and Independents control 50 votes, and independent Greg Orman of Kansas provides one of the votes. In this case, Orman’s choice of caucus will determine control of the chamber. This a snapshot of the polled demographic based on conditions today.” More data and predictions at Sam’s blog.

Peters will win in Michigan. Many other states are up for grabs including McConnell’s home state of Kentucky. It would be nice to see McConnell end his career in 2014.

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