Cleveland Plain Dullards

You’d think that, by now, people would understand that, once it is on the web, there is no point locking the barn door after the cat has gotten out of the bag.

This is today’s hot meme

The Cleveland Plain Dealer filmed (and posted) a joint interview with current (and likely re-elected) governor John Kasich and challenger Ed Fitzgerald. Kasick pretended Fitzgerald didn’t exist, repeatedly refused to answer a question and generally acted like a Republican.

The Plain Dealer endorsed him anyway. Then they removed the video from there web site. I guess they stand for the principle that it’s not news if it makes the candidate they prefer look bad (that’s journamalism 101).

Then a site of which I have never heard posted the video and, evidently determined to make sure it got maximum exposure “The Northeastern Ohio Media Group, a business partner with the Plain Dealer newspaper in Cleveland, has demanded that an Ohio liberal political blog pull a video of Gov. John Kasich’s awkward interview with the newspaper’s editorial board.”

As a result, the video is, as I type this not available only at the obscure* Plunderbund**

But also at
Talking Points Memo (same link as above)
Balloon Juice

and, well you get the picture.

All those sites link to a YouTube video which will be taken down. However, YouTuber John Manyjars (whom you really really want to follow) can e-mail it to others who can post it (for example to

Kasich is way ahead in the polls and will probably win in spite of the efforts of the Northeastern Ohio Media Group to suppress a video which is embarrassing to him. However, someone at the Northeaster Ohio Media Group has demonstrated not only complete contempt for journalism but also utter total incapacity to understand current media.

If it’s on the web, it can’t be suppressed and trying to suppress it is not only an attempted assault on the public’s right to know but also utter total idiocy.

Update: Better late to the pile on than never, The Daily Kos shows it’s huge number of readers the link

THU OCT 30, 2014 AT 10:35 AM PDT
John Kasich dodges question on his rape crisis counselor gag rule, bratty kid style

I wondered where they were. Now I’ll check
Media Matters (still nothing)
Crooks and liars.(still nothing)

*to me, but I’m not from Cleveland, although my mother is.

** update 2. Typo corrected. Thanks to Jason in comments