Other calls for carbon pricing

Dan here…I am no expert of the in and outs of private money moving to renewable strategies instead of relying on fossil fuels. The branding of climate change activism as demonstrated by the march in New York City and the move to “divest, reinvest” movement of money has begun to gain more momentum. sort of a topical thread.

Via Investors on climate change

World’s leading institutional investors managing $24 trillion call for carbon pricing, ambitious global climate deal

Ahead of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Climate Summit at the United Nations to spur climate action and facilitate a global climate agreement in 2015, nearly 350 global institutional investors representing over $24 trillion in assets have called on government leaders to provide stable, reliable and economically meaningful carbon pricing that helps redirect investment commensurate with the scale of the climate change challenge, as well as develop plans to phase out subsidies for fossil fuels.

(media release)