Migration patterns between US states

Via Daily Kos’s David Jarman comes an interactive graph that offers an intriguing visual experience for migration numbers between states for 2012, designed by Chris Walker and offered here.  There is a 10,000 person cut off point in the visual, so three states are left off, but of course they had population movement.  10,000 was an arbitrary decision but my guess would be that the chart would become visually overwhelming if it was a 2,000 person cutoff, for instance.

Not to take away from the innovative presentation, I found the interpretations by Chris Walker himself premature to the task of interpreting the results,  his data being just a start.  To jump to conclusions one prefers or considers obvious is often the case in comments.  Such is often the case with raw numbers. Jarman adds a layer of of needed interpretation for the Texas/California pronouncements..

It would be better to also show percentages compared to total population, percentages of loss or gain for the year, instate growth rate, and since going back to 2005 is the option with this data historical look…in his spare time? of course. Well done dynamic graphic however.