Holy Ministry of Truth Batman!

Lifted from comments on Financing Social SecurityBruce Webb comments on Social Security prpaganda:

Jim, the problem is that those people with “government, financial, business
experience” who are promoting the message “No check for you!” to millennials
know full well the numbers behind the following equation:

No Check for You = After Trust Fund Depletion a Remaining Check only 15% BETTER
in Real Basket of Goods Terms than Similarly Situated Retirees Today

Yes you read that right. Under current projections if nothing is done future
retirees will experience a cut from a check about 30% larger in real goods terms
than retirees get today down to a check maybe only 12-15% larger. And this
taking into account a continuation of current income inequality trends and
continuing improvements in mortality.

But that is quite the mouthful to swallow. When Dale and I express this in
simple terms, people come back with “well what about income inequality?” “what
about the fact that people are living longer?” etc, etc. At which time we have
to slow down and explain that all of those ARE ALREADY IN THE NUMBERS. Something
the Bad Guys know full well but are equally aware that others don’t know. Which
allows them to make people like me look like ignorant rubes.

A few years back the siteowner of Angry Bear asked me to post a Social Security
series. Before I had even covered the bases it had grown to 47 posts. In part
because I had to slow down and fight with commenters along the way. You know the
people who KNEW stuff about Social Security. Stuff they heard everywhere from
everyone. For example a supposedly definitive argument I heard was “No young
person I talk to thinks Social Security will be there for them”. As if the
success of a propaganda campaign was self validating. Holy Ministry of Truth