Social Security: What do Americans Want

NASI Table 5 The above is an extract from a 2012 National Academy of Social Insurance publication entitled Social Security: What do Americans Want. There is much to see and read in this publication and I urge people to take a look at this longish PDF of 57 pages and many Tables, of which this is just one. But one that tests the simple question of whether Americans would agree either to pay more for Social Security themselves and/or to have wealthy Americans pay more. And I think rather amazingly there is a broad consensus for one, raising Social Security revenues, and two, an across the board burden sharing. That is Workers are not ALL about “Tax the Rich” and the Wealthy are not AT ALL about “Not MY problem”. Instead Americans from all Generations, Income Levels and even Parties think Social Security is important enough to pay for. Important enough to have EVERYONE pay for it.

Intergenerational Warfare? Where? and By Whom on Whom? Because it doesn’t show in the numbers.