Living without a Car

The bus I took for years in Chile.

Paul Krugman wrote today about Life Without Cars. This subject strikes home for me. I have lived without a car since 2005. I lived 5 of the past 9 years in Chile and used the bus system there. I came back to the United States and have used a combination of walking, a bike and the bus system for the last 4 years.

I carried groceries 3 blocks in Chile. In the United States, I have carried groceries in a cart behind my bike. I currently walk one block to get my groceries.

In my opinion, the world is using cars too much thanks to cheap oil. But oil is getting more expensive and will be getting more expensive as the decades pass. People will learn to live as I do now. And it is not a problem to live without a car.

The people who ride the bus are people of the community. They are good people.

I always thank the bus driver as I get off the bus.