Northwest Plan 2012 – Numbers by Request of Commenter BK

I am just beginning an attempt to tranform the Northwest Plan for a Real Social Security Fix into a series of Tables and Figures (and original spreadsheets) that people can review at length. But since the authors were effectively accused of not really having numbers at all here is an advanced peek at some of the future workproduct. This one extracted from Excel and tranformed into a graphic. Click to embiggen.

This is from the 2012 version of NW and shows the first increase in FICA in 2018. Which obviously explains why Revenue stays the same until 2017. Note that Trust Fund balances never decline in nominal dollar terms although the Trust Fund Ratio does. But in this data series never below 1.24 (or 124 in Trustee terms) or 24 points above the 100 level that represents ‘solvency’ as the Trustees define it.

The 2013 version differs in detail as will the 2014 once the Report is released (next week?) and we develop it. But the general outline remains the same, phased in increases in FICA over a 20 year period with adjustments at intervals after.