Back at you on the GM argument

Back in 2008 cactus wrote Back at you on the GM argument.

Reader Jack sends this note on 2014:

Proof positive that the UAW is/was(?) the cause of car maker’s demise!!

That’s how I’d put it to all those out there that still harbor the idea that the poor performance of much of the American car industry was a direct result of the inflated demands of its workers through their union, the UAW.  Not one, but two articles in today’s NY Times provides the evidence.

First up:  “U.S. Agency Knew About G.M. Flaw but Did Not Act”

The story begins,  “Federal regulators decided not to open an inquiry on the ignitions of Chevrolet Cobalts and other cars even after their own investigators reported in 2007 that they knew of four fatal crashes, 29 complaints and 14 other reports that showed the problem disabled air bags, according to a memo released by a House subcommittee on Sunday.”

Second up: “Car makers’ Close Ties to Regulator Scrutinized”
It’s the same sad story again and again.  No, too much regulation isn’t the problem.  Too  little adherence to regulatory requirements in a “good old boy” milieu is what seems to ail industry.  Why the surprise when the public turns away in search of a better, safer product?  ” She is among many former top N.H.T.S.A. officials who now represent companies they were once responsible for regulating, part of a well-established migration from regulator to the regulated in Washington.”