Economic growth and perspectives…links

What does economic growth mean for Americans by Uwe E. Reihnhart

Suppose we placed a carefully selected sample of men on a hot stove and another sample of men on dry ice. Could we reasonably conclude that, on average, they were comfortable?

As a nation we worship a deity called economic growth…

The rich get richer through the recovery by Anne Lowry

Why labors share of income is falling  by Jared Bernstein

In a recent post about fast-food workers striking for a higher wage, I noted the juxtaposition of the strikers and the banks, which just reported another quarter of record profits. In fact, as many inequality watchers have noticed, profits as a share of income are at or near record highs while the compensation share is around a 50-year low.

Labors falling share everywhere  by Conversable Economist

A Decade of Flat Wages, Economic Policy Institute by Lawrence Mishel and Heidi Shierholz

new paper from the Economic Policy Institute provides both diagnosis and prescription of what is arguably the fundamental problem of the United States economy in recent years: wage stagnation.