Rep. Bill Johnson Knows What’s Wrong With the Economy

Most of our unemployment problem stems from overregulation, over-taxation and the Obama economy.

— Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH), Monday

Which is why we should deregulate the financial-services industry and reduce income taxes to resemble the good ole days of the George W. Bush administration. Let’s restore the economy to its glory days: say, 2008-09.  And I swoon when I think of how swimmingly the economy of Johnson’s state, Ohio, would be if only that socialist Obama hadn’t had the federal government use tax money to save GM and Chrysler.

Why, if Obama keeps going the way he has been with all that tax-and-regulation-and-pro-union stuff, he’ll drag the economy back to the days of the LBJ administration! What were tax rates then?  And that Glass-Steagall law! How did U.S. capitalism ever survive the ’60s?!