Investing in the New Normal – interviews from John Mauldin

A quick post about a video that came out on July 17th on youtube. It is a video over one hour long where John Mauldin has a series of interviews with Mohamed El-Erian, David Rosenberg, Barry Ritholtz, John Hussman and Kyle Bass. These economists give their insights into “investing in the New Normal” economy. The New Normal economy grows slower with higher unemployment. They give their insights into where the global economy is going. I am not endorsing any view presented in the video. Yet, the views are being made available for you to evaluate.

However, Barry Ritholtz makes a point about what a recession is for… You have to clean out the inefficient businesses, let the efficient businesses survive by their merit, and start building the economy over again. John Hussman makes the point that the Fed’s monetary policy has been undermining the quality of investment by encouraging speculation. They have a lively and informative discussion.

The interview with Kyle Bass takes place at a level that most people never see in economics and the media. He has the capacity to make economists change their interpretations of reality.

I also want to add this link to a document produced by Kyle Bass, Hayman Capital Management L.P., that was circulated on twitter. Kyle Bass has important insights into Japan and China in this document. I find the insights of Kyle Bass quite intriguing.



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