Forbes Fight

Avik Roy wrote an extremely misleading article on Obamacare in California.

It seems that Roy is the latest R-team player to be sacked.


Basically Roy compared Obamacare exchange rates (without subsidies) to the teaser rate from a web site which has received many extremely unamusing negative reviews for baiting and switching.

R. Unger totally demolishes Roy in an in house Forbes fight.  Good thing that they can e-mail in stories as meeting at the Forbes building would be very awkward.

Ezra Klein brings the Klein courtesies which matter so much (plus a funny photo).  Pity he’s such a good journalist as the man was born to be a diplomat.

Paul Krugman brings the shrill

All via Brad DeLong who admits he was beginning to wonder if Krugman is more than optimally shrill (don’t feel bad Brad, I’m sure Krugman has had the same doubts about you).