Not A Great Week to be Rupert Murdoch

The week began with the New York Post reporting “a scoop,” and then putting a track coach and a high school kid on the front page as “suspects.”

You would think it couldn’t get worse for NewsCorp.  I would think it couldn’t get worse for NewsCorp, especially after CNN went out of their way to make people forget the early errors with new ones of their own.

But NewsCorp owns several properties, which means they have “cross-branding” possibilities.  For instance, when Aaron Sorkin had SportsNight on ABC, he had Dana (Felicity Huffman) bubbling over for an entire episode about how great The Lion King was on Broadway.  One Disney property promotes another.  “Cross-branding.”

The thing is, cross-branding is supposed to be positive. Sorkin would never have said anything negative about Disney–and didn’t, until the final episode, when he had Clark Gregg say, “You would have to be an idiot not to make money on SportsNight.” By which point it had been cancelled.

Fox, however, decided to end its Boston coverage the way it began it.  Via Josh Malina’s Twitter feed, their Closed Captioning experts on Fox4 posted:


Good thing for Mr. Murdoch this happened after the market closed. No word yet on whether this will affect next season’s episodes of The New Girl.