Reverting back to blogger for the moment

Update: I have been unable to repair the blogspot feed so far 2:30 P.M……can anybody help?

Update 2: MEV repaired the feed and the editorial backlinks problem.

In case you are wondering what is going on, our migration did not work as planned.  Thank you for your patience.  We lost the rss feed, and due to a glitch access to all of our old posts from links from other sites was prevented because the urls were rewritten…access within the site was fine.

MEV is working to correct the glitches and has returned us to blogger in the meantime so we can still provide our readers with new material and maintain links to our friends in the blogosphere.  Eschaton linked to us and posted this Sunday on the Trans Pacific Partnership (via Naked Capitalism) for one example.

I will be restoring the rss feed shortly I hope.  Thanks for your patience.