Health Care Thoughts: More Complexity Grumbling

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt

Health Care Thoughts: More Complexity Grumbling

I have made the point many times that if anything stops Obamacare it will be the inability to implement an extremely complicated program. Call it “Rusty’s Theory of Complexity.”

The feds have now published (link below) the draft application for financial assistance in health care exchanges and low income plans. Oh boy.

With attachments this could easily run 30 + pages, and of course someone is going to have to process this (there will be an online version). Having helped people with paperwork for nearly 40 years I can guarantee this will be intimidating and confusing to many people.

Complication is the enemy of implementation. Count on it.

PS: HR Block has already positioned itself as a likely fee-for-service form fill-in service. Somebody is going to profit here.