NW Plan for Social Security: Abridged Spreadsheet

First attempt at putting the NW Plan 2012 into viewable form. This graphic compresses the original spreadsheet in both axes. I will be putting links to the full spreadsheet in comments because I am not sure this one will share correctly (I am bouncing between Google Accts) link.

In any event the key columns are those marked NEW, especially the fourth column from the left ‘New Payroll Tax Rate’ and the last two ‘New Calculated Trust Fund’ and ‘New Trust Fund Ratio’.

This version of the spreadsheet terminates at 2045 simply because of graphic limitations, the original extends right through the 75 year window, but the key factor is that the Trust Fund Ratio stabilizes right at the 125 level right into the 2080s and still remains above 100 through the end of the range. In Social Security talk this means the NW Plan passes the Long Term Actuarial Balance test but just fails to meet the threshold for the stricter Sustainable Solvency measure which requires the TF Ratio to be trending at least slightly up.

On a final note. In the 2012 based NW Plan year end TF balances never drop in nominal terms meaning there is NEVER any net redemption of Trust Fund Principal. Which throws a whole new light on the asset/debt conundrum. But of that more in comments.