What I Missed These Two Days

Hmm, anything unusual in the world?

Well, Greg Sargent tries to perpetuate the Myth of Moderate (but of course Unnamed) Republican Senators.  Stan Collender gets punked.  Nothing new on the first, but Collender’s previous piece about the realities of the Ancestral Party gives the lie to Sargent’s delusion.  Economics version: the Republican Party is at a stable equilibrium. And has been there or near it for at least sixteen years, which is probably two-thirds of Greg S’s life.  You might think he would notice.

The NRA—most recently seen attacking the President for being President, and before that discussing decade-old video games—released a video game so that four-year-olds can get practice using AR-15s to kill people.  I suspect McMegan and her literacy-impaired cohort, Jeffrey Goldberg, are lamenting that the kids are not being taught to be cannon fodder, but will wait for Susan of Texas (whose current marvelous takedown of Publicity Whore Andrew Sullivan is required reading for everyone fooled into paying money to support his ego) to provide details.

And Brad DeLong’s Better Half put up a post on tobacco surcharges that keeps me from having to figure out the latest AAA insurance policy offering.  If I were a marketing executive at a Life Insurance firm right now, I would be heavily advertising 20-year Term Life policies to 25 to 30-year-old smokers.

Oh, and Notre Dame football has another scandal surrounding it. Scott Lemieux says what needs to be said.  Apparently, “Catholics versus Convicts” is only a matter of who owned the police and the judges.

Probably a good two days not to have gotten out of bed.