Top economic/finance blogs

Suitpossum offered a look at the names of the top 100 finance blogs and shared his somewhat quixotic methodology, which seemed on second thought to be the way many readers might look for blogs to read, through networking other names through links to blogrolls or links within posts.  Suitpossum stuck to blogrolls for a first post, and promised a look for honorable mentions and “more radical” thinkers.  The actual rank is probably less important to this list than some sort of analysis of pageviews and such. Its a pretty good list.

His thoughts on what is more mainstream caught my fancy as well. Angry Bear has developed a solid readership since 2003, but economic blogs were anything but mainstream even six/seven years ago, and are common to major media outlets now. September 2008 brought a big jump in readership to most of the econoblog world. But which are closer to mainstream? And how does that impact what is covered? Who is the audience today? Worth pondering.