Worst Socialist Ever

Many have noted that under success hating kenyan islamosocialist Barack Obama nominal corporate profits just set a new record.  Uh so what.  A dollar isn’t worth what it used to be worth.  Graphing nominal quantities is silly.  The more interesting points is that the ratio of after tax corporate profits to GDP just set a new record (data only go back to 1947)

Notice also how corporate profits were almost as high under Truman as under Obama and then that socialist Eisenhower ruined eerything.  Also notice that even the Eisenthower through Carter and Clinton ratio was much higher than the extraordinarily low ratio under Reagan and Bush Sr.

Of course the new record in after tax corporate profits divided by the consumer price index for all urban consumers is even more impressive.

Angrybear readers know that GDP grows faster under Democrats and so should not be surprised at how much more horribly real corporate profits tend to do under Republicans.