Fiscal cliff and the frenzy

Via Business Insider, Joe Weisenthal offers a look at the explosion of media covering the notion of ‘fiscal cliff’.

I was going to list representative links but gave up…I leave it to readers to supply their own sources for this post.

The issue has been framed as mostly an ideological and partisan battle, with a life of its own separate from any technical, economic, or financial consequences from reasonably competent “analysts”.

The fear is so great that the public wants an answer regardless of the details. (Notice that talking point sounds familiar).

There are are usually only two parts to the problem,

1. Unspecified tax changes, often lumped under loopholesandexemptions.

2. Sociasecuritymedicare are now the only drivers that matter to the cliff.

repeated and repeated and until it feels like simple cut and paste from the articles I have read….and often buried in the middle somewhere of the text.

who are the people who want a cut and pasted solution?