Richard Milhous Romney Gets Specific, Says He’ll Cut Out All Programs That Aren’t Worth Borrowing From China For

Yup. All those farmers in Iowa and Nebraska who’ve been waiting for the Farm Bill to pass are as nervous tonight as Richard Nixo … er … Mitt Romney was this evening during the debate, but their problem is different than his was.  Instead of babbling incoherently while wearing a frozen, glassy-eyed smile, the farmers are spending the night tossing and turning while trying to figure out whether the program that they rely on so much is much is worth borrowing from China for. 

Maybe tomorrow they can put in a call about that to Ohio senator and Romney “surrogate” Rob Portman, and ask him.  Portman, according to a very serious-faced CBS reporter Jan Crawford (of Clarence-Thomas-is-an-intellectual-leader book fame), told her immediately after the debate ended that Romney we’ll be “repeating” the “specifics” of his economic plan throughout the next five weeks.  Just as he did tonight!  Oh, and be just as confident in his manner as he was tonight!

As a Democrat, I surely hope so.  And once those farmers find out, specifically, whether the Farm Bill subsidies are worth our borrowing from China for them, the can call Portman back and verify that massive tax cuts for the wealthy are worth borrowing from China for. 

Seriously … do these folks really think that if they call this stuff “specifics,” people will think that Romney’s incoherent gibberish included specifics and they (the viewers) just sorta missed them?

And seriously … at least Richard Nixon was coherent.  I’ve seen the black-and-white clips of parts of that first 1960 debate.  Yes, he was obviously nervous.  But he was coherent.  And specific.  As the dictionary defines that word, not as Sen. Portman defines it.