COMPLETELY OFF-TOPIC: Looking for a shelter home for a three-year-old paraplegic dog

Over the weekend, the daughter of a friend of mine’s dog—a wonderful three-year-old German shepherd /collie mix named Bella—suffered a spinal injury of mysterious provenance.  At first, on Saturday night, the problem seemed to be just hot spot just above her tail.  But by Sunday morning, she was unable to use her hind legs at all and was in severe pain.  The emergency vet was unable to diagnose it, and gave her pain pills and anti-inflammatory medication, but the next morning she had no pain and also no feeling at all in her legs and the back part of her spine area.  A veterinary neurologist confirmed yesterday that it is a permanent spinal injury.

My friend’s daughter, who lives in east central Michigan, is a 23-year-old student who is finishing her degree this year (taking classes and an internship this semester) and working part-time at a McDonald’s.  She also has an 18-month-old son.  She cannot care for Bella.  Nor can my friend or I or anyone else either of us knows of.  

My friend is arranging to get Bella a doggie wheelchair, and can arrange for Bella’s transportation to wherever.  My friend has put the word out to shelters in Michigan, but, so far, without success.  If anyone knows of a shelter that would care for a sweet, sweet three-year-old, otherwise-healthy, wheelchair-bound doggie, please post in the comments section below.  

This photo of Bella was taken yesterday on her way home from the neurologist.  She’s great with children and other dogs.


This is the only time I’ve ever posted a personal, off-topic post here.