Ryan, Jimmy Carter, and Obama…payroll employment by Presidential Administrations

Payroll Employment by Presidential Administrations

Ryan is saying that Obama’s record is like Jimmy Carter’s record.

When it comes to employment we should hope so.

During Carter’s four years in office payroll employment expanded some 10 million,
or 12.5%.  or at an average annual rate of 3.1%   This is the second best employment record of
any post WW II Presidential administration.  It is almost a full percentage point stronger than
Reagan’s average gain of 2.2%.

I would think the better comparison would be against Bush where over eight years payroll employment only expanded some 308,000.  Interestingly, in three and a half years under Obama payroll employment has expanded more that it did over eight years under Bush.

You would think that someone in the press would call the Republicans on their claims.

In modern times every Democratic presidential administration left office with a lower unemployment rate than when they took office.  But only one Republican Administration has managed this accomplishment.