Health Care Thoughts: Evidence-based medicine not easy

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt

Health Care Thoughts: Breast Cancer Battle 

Evidence-based medicine may not be as easy as it first sounds.
An opinion piece in the British Medical Journal ( attacks the Susan G. Komen Foundation for over-hyping the value of mammography.
This is not a new controversy, and experts have lined up on both sides of the argument.
There is general agreement that screening has value, but a great deal of disagreement about who, when, how often, the measurable benefits and the potential negative impacts. The current battle is over the mortality statistics and whether mammograms are being oversold.
False positives certainly lead to unneeded biopsies, but unneeded biopsies do provide relief from emotional issues. There is often value in early treatment, but are we over testing?
For now, women should consult their own physician and consider family history. When in doubt seek a second opinion from a major medical center with breast cancer specialists.
The debate will rage on.