Does the Tea Party support Tax Dodgers?

by Linda Beale

Does the Tea Party support Tax Dodgers?

Andrew Leonard’s July 27 article in Salon, Tea Party Shields Tax Dodgers, looks at the way Jim DeMint and Rand Paul are carrying water for the big banks–suggesting that Treasury shouldn’t be implementing the “FATCA” legislation passed as part of the HIRE act because it might cost the big banks some paperwork they’d rather not do.

Here’s the issue with FATCA. It requires banks to report on substantial accounts held abroad–more than $50,000 for individuals or more than $250,000 for entities.

The Treasury believes it can generate almost $9 billion in additional tax revenues through the implementation of FATCA over the next ten years. But Paul, DeMint and other right-wingers have complained about the cost to banks to carry out the law.

 As Leonard puts it,

FATCA isn’t about making life hard for expatriates. It is targeted at big players who are moving huge amounts of cash overseas for the specific purpose of avoiding their U.S. tax obligations. And Rand Paul and Jim DeMint are defending these upstanding members of the 1 percent by carrying water for banks who want to avoid the paperwork costs involved in ferreting out the tax dodgers. 

Is that how the Tea Party wants this country to be run — in the best interests of the richest Americans and the banks?

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