Health Care Thoughts: The Deloitte Survey

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt

Update 7/26:  The Deloitte link is working:

Health Care Thoughts: The Deloitte Survey

The annual employers survey by Deloitte (Big Four CPAs) has caused some buzz among us talking heads, although sadly drowned out by the tragedy in Colorado.

(As of this moment the download link is broken, apparently it was a popular download.)

Employers surveyed believe the US health system under performs, has some strengths in ability and access, is wasteful, employee lifestyles are a problem, and the system could be improved by investments in primary care.

Larger firms tend to be somewhat confident of coping with PPACA, smaller firms are not confident at all.

The headline finding is that 10% of employers are likely to dump employees onto state exchanges. My spin on this is the health of the labor market and the relative value of employees will be major decision factors come 2014.

Whatever happens in the November election, PPACA is not a done deal or finished project.