United Citizens and Wisconsin

by Run 75441

United Citizens and Wisconsin

Heading into the Tuesday vote Mayor Barrett with ~$4million in election funds of which 26% is drawn from out of state sources faces off with the under siege Governor Walker having ~$30 million in funds with 2/3rds coming from out of state sources. Again the Koch Bros are kicking in with a sizeable contribution of $1 million as well as the multi-billionaire owner of the Sands, Sheldon Adelson, with another sizeable sum ($1 million?). The unions and citizens of Wisconsin are hard pressed to support Barrett in a similar fashion. So much for payroll wages versus corporate profits. Tuesday election may be a bellwether for the Democrats and the November elections as the 99-percenters and labor take on corporate interests and the “1-percenters’ who are both investing heavily in Walker intending to sway the state into the Red column.

Tuesday’s recall election of Republican Gov. Scott Walker is the most expensive in Wisconsin history. More than $63.5 million has been spent by candidates and independent groups, the overwhelming majority underwritten by out-of-state sources.

The record spending total was made possible thanks to the Citizens United U.S. Supreme Court decision — which had the effect of invalidating Wisconsin’s century-old ban on independent expenditures by corporations and unions — and a state law that allows unlimited contributions to the incumbent in recall elections.” Election a national referendum on public sector unions

Having amassed a sizeable war chest directly resulting from United Citizen’s opening the donation flood gates for corporate interests and a state law allowing recalled Governor Walker unlimited contributions, Walker has a slight lead and is favored to win. While this may end the recall efforts by angered unions and others, Walker’s troubles may not be over as he faces indictment over fundraising efforts by aides and his choice for Lieutenant Governor Brett Davis. There is quite a bit of speculation how this will all play out and it is not the first time the former Milwaukee County Executive has found himself in trouble for questionable activities.

Kelly Rindfleisch said she was hired to campaign illegally for Scott Walker on taxpayer time,’ Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “With his admission that Rindfleisch was hired to do what ‘she was expected to do,’ has Scott Walker now implicated himself in the criminal conspiracy that was central to his rise to political power? 

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