Obama Spends Millions More Than GOP Campaigns

On spending for the November Presidential elections comes this Associated Press article regarding President Obama campaign:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The costly Republican primary has been draining Mitt Romney’s wallet and giving President Barack Obama time to build an expansive campaign architecture with offices in 45 states and hundreds of employees.
The bad news for Obama is he’s had to start paying for all this now.
Obama has spent more than $135 million — more than GOP challengers Romney and Rick Santorum combined — on his re-election apparatus, according to an Associated Press analysis of Federal Election Commission records. That sets up his campaign to be larger and geographically more diverse than any of his opponents’ organizations.
Through the first two months of the year, Obama spent approximately $1.1 million on computer equipment, $435,000 on rent and utilities, $305,000 on telephones and $19,000 on office supplies, according to federal reports.
Republican contenders Romney and Santorum have been watching their expenses during the GOP primaries, relying on a fraction of the amount Obama can spend on essentials like ad spending, travel fees and utility bills. But Obama’s campaign has its eye on spending by Republican-leaning “super” political action committees, which can accept unlimited and effectively anonymous contributions from billionaires, corporations and others.