Peak life expectancy

Yves Smith points us to a MacroBusiness post on declining peak life expectancy which points to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (this link is to an array of articles, as the link in MacroBusiness appears to stop at the gateway). Yves states:

This post from MacroBusiness points to a development that has (predictably) gone largely unreported in America, namely, that life expectancy is declining. The article discusses some of the probable causes and implications. It interestingly omits rising income disparity as a culprit. We quoted Michael Prowse on this topic in early 2007:

By Cameron Murray, a professional economist with a background in property development, environmental economics research and economic regulation. Cross posted from MacroBusiness

Life expectancy has peaked in some US States according to recent research. This follows research published in 2005 that suggests current living children may not outlive their parents, and that peak life expectancy in the US may be reached between 2030 and 2040. Mostly, this is attributed to the massive spike in childhood obesity which typically results in lifelong obesity and associated health problems.

Reader Sock Puppet points us to several other sources for discussion:

Slide show obesity with time by state

County data maps life expectancy pretty well
CDC sourcing.

Food stamp map tracks well too