Dave Dayen Is Wrong

And not in a good way, when he says:

I understand that Republicans are just playing the culture war game here, trying to link Warren and the loony left. I don’t know how that will play in, er, Massachusetts. And the world has moved on from the Hard Hat riots and the 1972 campaign. The hard hats have been brutalized just as much as the rest of us in this economy.

No, no, no.

The “hard hats” have been brutalized much more than “the rest of us” in this economy. And the economy before that. And, basically, every one since 1986,* Bruce Bartlett’s protestations notwithstanding.

Note especially that having all those English Literature and Anthropology majors with degrees hasn’t hurt.

*The data only breaks down from 1992 onward, so you’ll have to wait for my tribute to the 1986 “tax reform” act.

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