Admitting You’re a Tool Doesn’t Make You Less of One

Matt (Dalton, Harvard) Yglesias, via Aaron Carroll’s note that he should move into another line of work), accidentally gives the Education game away:

the Dread Evil Neoliberal School Reformer Barack Obama And His Lackeys At The Center For American Progress

Yep, Matt has been doing great things for education.

As, of course, has CAP, in spades.

As for Barack “Also Never Attended a Public School, But I Know All About Them” Obama, all that needs to be said was said by Dean Baker on Saturday:

Emanuel’s predecessor as mayor, Richard Daley, also placed an emphasis on reforming Chicago’s schools. From 2001 to 2009 he installed Arne Duncan, currently President Obama’s Secretary of Education, as head of the Chicago school system. If Friedman and Emanuel’s complaints about the current state of Chicago’s schools are accurate, this would imply that Duncan must not have been very successful in his tenure even though he was widely acclaimed as a reformer at the time.