Open thread August 8, 2011

I think given the seriousness of the political situation currently being played out, which in my thinking includes the current S and P opinion, has been discussed in comments in a remarkable fashion. Plenty of links and thoughtful commentary. And of course passions run high and are expressed. Well done and my thanks to the readers.

The economic questions are longer term in nature, and of course include much more than the federal government…believe it or not it also includes the predominate trade policies multi national companies implement in their business plans, and those other policies they express through their lobbyists to Congress and the President as solely in the national interest, and how the federal government will play a part. But that discussion is muted at the moment.

How the format here promotes several conversations at the same time is a priority, and keeping a lid on the propensity to offer political answers and retorts as economic answers is a difficult task when debating the political commentary. After all I think information as accurate and real as possible is the baseline, including enough baseline knowledge to sort some of it out on one’s own and not repeat slogans as much as possible, is important. Suggestions welcome on format if you have ideas. Historic times demand attention.