Let’s do this again soon

Republicans are crazier than I imagine possible even taking into account the fact that they are crazier than I imagine possible.

Concept due to Brad Delong

It appears that the debt ceiling deal under consideration includes $ 1 trillion in cuts, no tax increases and setting up a committee to pretend that there will be $ 3 trillion more. This shows that the Democrats are spineless and that they know the Republicans really are crazy and aren’t bluffing.

But wait not so fast. There is a stumbling block

But the two sides were still fighting over how to force Congress to produce the second round of savings. Boehner wants to set another debt-limit vote early next year, while Democrats are insisting on a plan that would postpone another debt-limit showdown until after the 2012 presidential election.

So far the Republicans have forced the very serious villager radical centrists to admit that they are crazy. New headline: “Opinions on existence of planet differ, maybe the Republicans don’t have a point.” They have also convinced a majority of self described Republicans that they are too unwilling to compromise and that taxes on the rich should be increased.

Thus they have decided that they are doing so well that the demand a chance to do it again just before an election.