What would you tell your child?

As our manufacturing sector has shed jobs, especially during the past 15 years, there have been few opportunities for young people to start working and train in manufacturing.

Now that manufacturing is picking up just a little, and as the boomer work force hits retirement age, there are reports of a growing shortage of skilled manufacturing workers and allied skills (welders in particular).

So what do tell young people? Get into manufacturing, learn the skills, and you may have a job for an entire career, or maybe for ten years until the offshoring starts again. How do we convince young people, who have seen nothing but deterioration in their lifetimes, that devoting time and energy to manufacturing will have a good payoff?

Or should we tell them the economy is lousy, there may be nothing else, take the job and ride it as long as you can? What would you tell your child?

Interested in your opinions.

Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt