Chairman of Connecticut Libertarian Party responds

Angry Bear invites Dan Reale.

Dan Reale, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Connecticut replies with this e-mail:

Libertarians oppose the initiation of force to promote social or political goals. We acknowledge that a “right” is a power, faculty or ability inherent to ownership and incident upon another. This applies to both to your property and yourself, as you own both.

This also applies to what people myopically characterize as “economic”, “civil” or “social” rights, as if the principle is somehow different or distinct. Rights function on the same premise no matter who owns the property in question. If the action of the property owner (as in the person with the corresponding rights inherent to that ownership) would take action that would risk damage to property, infringe the rights of others or limit the rights of others, that person taking such action needs to obtain (or contract for) permission.

Libertarians are minarchists. We believe that government’s only function is to protect individual rights. There are a variety of things that government does to accomplish that end, among these being a court system. These things cannot include invasion of privacy, taking of property without due process, restrictions on the type of gun you can purchase, where you can work, the type of light bulb you can use or who you can freely contract with to purchase health care along with what terms you can agree to. Libertarians assert that you either have a right or you don’t.

Libertarians are neither left nor right. In history, “left” and “right” merely came from what side of a physical aisle French legislators stood in during the early 1800s, and that has no factual bearing or relevance to our world today. In practice, “left” and “right” are means to an end both in terms of how major parties parse the debate and erroneously polarize the electorate. Our question is not “left or right?”; our question is “libertarian or statist?”.

Dan Reale

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