Republicans are like Expensive Oil — Washington Post

Do my eyes deceive me ? Is this the Washington Post ? Is Ezra Klein writing under the double pseudonym “Neil Irwin and Michael A. Fletcher” ?

Irwin and Fletcher warn of two threats to the US economy — high oil prices and tea partiers (call it the Texas tea party menace).

U.S. economic recovery threatened by events in Midwest, Middle East

The standoff over benefits for public employees in Wisconsin, pitting Gov. Scott Walker (R) against unions and their Democratic allies, presages battles in many state capitals that could lead to hundreds of thousands of public jobs being cut nationwide. And in Washington, congressional Republicans are demanding steep, immediate budget cuts that economic forecasters estimate would slow the pace of economic growth in 2011.

Obviously true, yet I couldn’t guess what two threats they had in mind. I knew that I consider cutting public spending when in a liquidity trap to be a threat to the economy, but I didn’t know that reporters were allowed to write that.

If this isn’t proof that the Washington Post works for Goldman Sachs, what could be that proof.