Health Care thoughts: Cameras in the Delivery Room?

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt

Health Care: Cameras in the Delivery Room?

In the old days the delivery of a baby was a medical procedure and dad was relegated to the waiting room. Then we went all new age, and the delivery became a tribal event.

Now we seem to have reached a nice middle ground with comfortable birthing suites and a more balanced emphasis on the medical procedure and the “event.”

But then there are the ubiquitous video and cell phone cameras and suddenly the event is shared through the family, or yes shared with the whole world on Youtube.

The dad-as-cameraman creates various dilemmas, such as getting in the way, or when the birth turns complicated or when mom decides she really does not want her screaming or a picture of her mommy zone to be broadcast at the next family reunion. Some staff are less than pleased about being included in home movies.

Some hospitals are banning video photography. Families respond that hospitals are afraid of malpractice suits. The battle rages. Your thoughts?

(Some physicians are now providing surgery patients with videos of “scopic” procedures such a knee meniscus repairs, or DVDs with MRI images. Interesting viewing.)