The Strengthen SS Coalition shows ‘Reform’ in One Graph (h/t Ezra)

by Bruce Webb

Strengthen Social Security a coalition of progressive organizations determined to protect and strengthen Social Security, coordinated and hosted by Social Security Works (or maybe by now SSW is hosted by SSSC) produced the above graph. I didn’t see it on their website and so grabbed it from Ezra Klein’s post (which does credit SSSC) The Future of Social Security in One Graph

This doesn’t tell the whole story, for one thing it shows wage indexed results which would seem to discount the actual gains in real benefits under the current schedule, and for another it would be interesting to see the results on the “if nothing is done” trendline if we added in the revenue effects alone of the other plans. But however you slice it clearly the goal of ‘reform’ is not to deliver an appreciably better result for workers, at best they are being asked for a significant giveaway from the current schedule.