More from SSA on Simpson-Bowles: Plans 2A & 2B

by Bruce Webb

On Thursday I put up an extract from a SSA Office of the Actuary score of one of two of the Simpson-Bowles draft Social Security plans, that is the bottom line of Plan 2A Bottom Line Score on Simpson-Bowles. This post expands on that by including the cover letter and plan details on 2A as well as details and score on 2B. As it turns out 2A and 2B have the same bottom line projections and outcomes but in the interest of completeness here you have them. This is not the complete letter, there are two more tables which did not as I could see add much. I don’t know if the letter has been published on the SSA site, I received it in PDF form, but I can forward the whole 7 pages to whoever wants it. (For example I was not able to screen capture the footnotes in a single shot so I left them off).

Tables below the fold.