Dear ———– (Congress people),

Lifted from comments here by Reader Jack, who recommends writing to your Congress representatives. Now this is probably not as satisfying as the (hat tip Yves Smith crosspost) post from Steve at the Daily Bail.

I hope that you will be standing tall against the current forces of deception that are campaigning hard to destabilize Social Security as we know it. The SS program works very well and has been doing so since its inception. The program is in the black and only a deceitful campaign to destroy the program presents it any other way. The Trust Fund is real and is a debt to the system as well as the program’s “savings account” upon which if draws when receipts from FICA are insufficient to cover benefits. Do not conflate Social Securities solvency with the deficit condition of the general budget or the Medicare program.

The Peterson Foundation is leading this deceptive attack on the sanctity of Social Security in a brazen attempt to weaken that system and move ever closer to a privatization scheme. The so-called bipartisan Deficit Commission, correctly maligned as the Cat Food Commission, is stacked against Social Security. It’s Chairmen’s preliminary recommendations are absurd if the purpose of the Commission is to genuinely find a means by which to balance the general budget. It lacks even face validity. That is not surprising as its two Chairs have previously expressed their individual biases. Mr. Simpson has been publicly derisive of the Social Security program. Mr. Bowles is a hand maiden to the investment banking community serving as a Board member of JP Morgan bank and receiving compensation of $300,000 for attending several Board meetings each year. That’s bi-partisan?? Only if one considers right of center and far right as the measure.

I’m looking for you to play a more significant role protecting the interests of working middle class Americans in any effort to “adjust” Federal spending, taxation and Social Security.