…being a good mother

by Linda Beale
crossposted with Ataxingmatter

Friday Animations–being a good mother

These days the tea partiers and libertarians have tended to mock those who think that we should all tax ourselves to take care of those who are less fortunate, and that the wealthiest amongst us–corporate managers, private equity managers, and shareholders–should pay more in taxes. Libertarians claim that everything they have “earned” is theirs, and that the government is stealing from them. They forget, or fail to notice, that nothing they have earned would have been possible without roads, contracts, internet, schools, disease control, decent food, clean air, clean water, clean soil, etc. Those are the things we want government to do for us–protect and preserve the environment that nurtures us, protect and preserve the infrastructure that gets us to and from our work and homes and lets us socialize with our friends and co-workers, protect and preserve our sources of food, clothing and housing. Help those of us who are most vulnerable whether from inherited traits or catastrophic illness or unfortunate accident or lack of work or old age. Protect and preserve.

So this struck me as a good video feature for today–a pup whose young ones had grown up and been adopted, willing to mother some motherless kittens who needed milk and warmth and pulling out of danger. Mothering. Maybe that isn’t far from what is at the heart of good government, community spirit, and neighborliness –caring and showing a willingness to help others, to protect them, and preserve for them a home.