Simpson to disabled vets

Daily Kos: Simpson to disabled vets: You cost too much Joan McCarter: Fresh off of being forgiven by the White House, Simpson has a new target.

:RALEIGH, N.C.—The system that automatically awards disability benefits to some veterans because of concerns about Agent Orange seems contrary to efforts to control federal spending, the Republican co-chairman of President Barack Obama’s deficit commission said Tuesday.

Former Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson’s comments came a day after The Associated Press reported that diabetes has become the most frequently compensated ailment among Vietnam veterans, even though decades of research has failed to find more than a possible link between the defoliant Agent Orange and diabetes.

“The irony (is) that the veterans who saved this country are now, in a way, not helping us to save the country in this fiscal mess,” said Simpson, an Army veteran who was once chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee….

“It’s the kind of thing that’s just driving us to this $1 trillion, $400 billion deficit this year,” Simpson said. “It’s not that I’m an uncaring person, but common sense is the most uncommon thing in Washington.”

Dan (Rdan) here: We could do the numbers for the whole VA cost, but putting the deficit on the shoulders of diabetic veterans is simply out of it…when someone becomes old, their real thinking is blurted out without the normal screening public figures often take…what a tool.

Dan here: Lifted from comments, this wry thought comes to mind regarding Mr. Simpson’s inner world of lesser people:

How would you feel if after forty years of faithful service at five hundred a month and alternate Tuesdays off, your butler or cleaning lady said, “I’ve saved up enough to retire, so screw you.” ?