Nation at war

We actually appeared to have forgotten we are a nation “at war” if news reporting is any indication from a personal search, except for the DC centered coverage of Gen. McChrystal. Notice it was a music magazine that got the scoop, more power to them, not mainstream media.

Here are some thoughts from Tomdispatch to remind us of the dark side of our history in the Middle East. Follow the link for more.

Doesn’t it seem, sometimes, that American history, the “people’s history,” is actually made by about 17 giant government and corporate entities, all hopelessly intertwined — and worse yet, that they never go away? On Tuesday, TomDispatch posted Stephen Kinzer’s piece, “BP in the Gulf — The Persian Gulf.” It was a reminder that, more than half a century ago (when it was called the Anglo-Persian Oil Company), the giant oil corporation now despoiling the Gulf of Mexico had, in quite a different way, despoiled Iranian democracy to maintain its hold on that country’s oil. It did so in conjunction with the Central Intelligence Agency, which, in 1953, overthrew a democratic Iranian government eager to nationalize that oil.

Well, neither of them has gone away. That’s obvious enough. Last week, the CIA popped up again, this time in conjunction with another of its favorite corporations, the infamous rent-a-gun company formerly known as Blackwater, now Xe Services. The Agency has given that for-profit warrior outfit a new $100 million contract to guard its various outposts in Afghanistan “and elsewhere”…

Worse yet, the CIA wasn’t alone, as the State Department just agreed to shell out $120,123,293 in taxpayer dough to a unit of Xe to pay for guarding some of its facilities in Afghanistan. (The awarding of this contract, reports CBS News which broke the story, comes barely “four months after the government of Iraq ordered hundreds of Blackwater-linked security guards to leave the country within seven days or face possible arrest.”)