Ezra Klein’s straw man argument. Rep Shuler’s 500 jobs and only 3 apply. Coburn on Washington Journal

by Daniel Becker
updated: Tom Coburn, not John.
I was not sure how to title this but, today on Washington Journal, Tom Coburn was on to talk about the economy and unemployment.

At 2 minutes into the interview, Greta Brawner presents Ezra Klein’s take from this article:

“And we’re just going to leave them without incomes and without job opportunities and without money to spend in their wrecked local economies — thus making it harder for those economies to generate new jobs? That’s the economic theory this country is going to embrace amid terrible joblessness?”

Mr Coburns setup to his full response response: Well, all that is, is a straw man argument.

Interesting perspective as to what a straw man argument is. Feel free to analyze that. However, I’m writing about what happened next. At 3:09 minutes Coburn states that he lives with congressman Heath Shuler. Just yesterday Mr. Shuler told him that he had a job fair. Mr. Shuler worked hard to set up this jobs fair. Over 500 jobs, every major employer represented.

“3 people showed up. 3 people showed up for 500 jobs in an area of unemployment above 10 %.”

According to Mr. Coburn, Mr. Shuler’s explanation for the lack of attendance:

“they are not going to do it until the benefits lessen. And that may not be an exact interpretation of what his words were but…

What did not happen next is the issue because it is the dictionary example as to why this nation can not actually solve anything such that the risk of living is reduced for all.

There was no statement by Greta Brawner questioning such a result regarding the job fair. There was no statement by Greta Brawner suggesting the Cspan research department would check such a story for facts. Maybe call Rep Shuler? I mean, 500 jobs, 10% plus unemployment and only THREE people showed up? Coburn tells a tale as huge as any 4 year old trying to talk their way into what they want and appears to admit he telling a really big one yet there is no response? 

Greta Brawner lets him go on for another minute before saying a word: “There’s an editorial in the Washington Post this morning…” Granted she is bringing up an editorial that is asking about extending the tax cuts for the rich while denying unemployment extensions based on the “pay for” it line, but, the really big talking point, the really big insulting talking point, the really big insulting,  and out right lie is that people are not motivated to go to work do to the availability of unemployment.

Hey Congressman Heath Shuler, care to respond? After all, it’s your cred that is now invoked. Maybe there are some readers from his district? Contact him here.