Catfood Commission Update: Simpson on a Hot Tin Roof

by Bruce Webb

Those of us who follow the Obama Deficit Commission and its seeming hyper-focus on cutting Social Security were heartened last week by what turned into a veritable de-pantsing of Commission co-Chairman Alan Simpson in the course of an 8 minute video interview outside the (closed) doors of the Commission by Social Security Works Communications Director Alex Lawson. Alex’s video went viral and then some. Anyway you can read and hear my new buddy Alex speaking for himself:

Plus Jane Hamsher and Firedoglake have been live streaming Alex’s and SSW’s film with the latest installment here: Livestreaming the Closed Door Fiscal Commission Pt. 5. Not real lively on a minute to minute basis, unless you are a big fan of tall polished wood doors, but I thought this little note from Jane was interesting.

[Ed. Note: After Alex’s encounter with Alan Simpson, the committee has apparently moved the meeting location without notice. Alex is trying to find out where it is being held.]

Well it looks like somebody struck a nerve. Congrats to Alex and to his bosses at SSW, Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson (plus Policy Director Lori Hanson), who along with Roger Hickey and his people at CAF are keeping the heat beating on that tin roof.

So to those who have been wondering when someone, anyone besides Baker and Krugman were going to call out the Social Security ‘Reformers’ the answer is “right now”.

P.S. the original revised release date for the Annual Report of the Trustees of Social Security was for next Wednesday June 30th. There are rumors that that date might slip for reasons unstated (the Report by law is due April 1), but when it does come out you can fully expect Social Security Bears Bruce and Dale to come out of our caves and bring you the numbers, plus in due course an updated Northwest Plan for a Real Social Security Fix.