The Capitalist & The Entrepreneur

One of the nice things about going to the Kauffman Foundation this year was meeting up again with Peter Klein of Organizations and Markets, who was my first economics professor.* (I liked him as soon as I found out one of his first publications dealt with “moral hazard” and the Designated Hitter.)

Peter has a book out from the Mises Institute, The Capitalist & The Entrepreneur. Subtitled Essays on Organizations and Markets and carrying blurs from Business and Law people as well as the obligatory G-Mu professor (Adam Smith Award winner Peter Boettke), the book, as with Klein himself, is likely well-conceived, sharply written, and worth arguing with and about.

Not to mention that, at $12 from Mises, it’s very reasonably priced.

I’m certain I’ll have more later, after I get a chance to read it. But it seems exactly the type of book that should be getting more discussion here.

*On hearing this, Andrew Samwick said, “But you two are at opposite ends of the spectrum.” What I Should Have Said then I say now: “I said he was a good teacher. I never said I was a good student.”