Please drop by the Virtual Summit on Social Security

by Bruce Webb

I mention from time to time that I talk with a number of D.C. policy types about Social Security, but mostly don’t use names because the conversations are officially off the record. Well a group of them, spearheaded by Roger Hickey’s folks at Campaign for America’s Future, have gone on the record in a big way and moreover want you to join in and comment on their new blog The Virtual Summit for Fiscal and Economic Responsibility

The blog launched yesterday with a piece by Dean Baker, who as those of you who follow this topic has been a key defender of Social Security for years, being notably ahead of the curve when he and colleague Mark Weisbrot published Social Security: the Phony Crisis in 1999, and another by Congressman John Conyers, plus contributions by Bill Scher and Dave Johnson of CAF (Dave also being a veteran of the ‘There is No Crisis’ movement of 2005) and Barbara Burt of the Frances Perkins Center (Perkins being FDR’s Labor Secretary and so the foster mother of Social Security).

I have been asked to contribute and will from time to time. So for those who have been asking when supporters of Social Security were going to get organized and push back on the Peter G Peterson contingent in a public way, well the answer was ‘yesterday April 20th, 2010’. Be there.