Insufferable iPad Bleatings-Off to the Mall

On my way out the door hopefully to score an iPad today. Meaning it is time for the haters to step up. I think this is going to be the greatest advance in human history since the second biggest advance, which of course was baked bread. (The biggest advance obviously being the genius that let grain spoil in exactly the right way to make beer.)

Some people have had iPads in their hands for 48 hours. Others are sickened to death over the hype. Here is your chance to express your opinion either way or on anything else at all prior to Bruce getting his hands on one.

Open tech thread. And yes I expect Ken H and I will have a colloquy on this.

(BTW as an additional hook. There is a theory that credits the transition from hunter/gathering to settled agriculture to the need to have a steady supply of grain to make beer. Not kidding at all.)