Leninism in the USA

Leninism in the USA
First let me define Leninism. To me the key feature of Leninism is that Lenin declared the party to be the highest good. Thus acts were to be judged as pro-party or anti-party. In fact the very same acts were good or bad depending on whether they were done by the party or some other organization. Claims of fact were judged as pro-party or anti party. People were told not to be selfish and to choose between “your truth and the party’s truth.” Events were evaluated as good for the party or bad for the party hence “The worse it is, the better it is.” Most of all, the party demanded absolute obedience — a Leninist level of discipline.

I don’t think I need to discuss specific episodes to make it clear that I think the Leninist party in the USA calls itself The Republican Party.

The same acts … :
The party’s position is that to send predators to kill people without warning is, now, a law enforcement approach to terrorism. Reading Reid his rights after 5 minutes is fine, but reading Abdulmutalab his rights after 9 hours is unacceptable.
Claims of fact …:
global warming is a hoax, Reagan showed how to cut taxes without adding to the debt, the health care bill is a government takeover. The individual mandate is uncontroversially needed no it’s a violation of the constitution etc.
The view that the worse it is the better it is the only explanation of why Republicans filibustered a bill which they cosponsored.

The American Lenin.


OK the American Lenin is Dick Cheney, but McConnell is, at least, the American Zinoviev.